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Best Macbook For Writers (2021 Updated)

To find the best macbook for writers is sometimes a hard task. The main reason behind this is that there are many quality macbook are available in the market and all are performing so well.

Also, the main issue that I saw in my life with other writers is that they only buy those machines which are good by the look and when it comes to the quality, it sucks.

This is the main reason that there are many users who started hating some of those machines which are the best macbook for writers of 2019. But the scene is totally changed. Macbook are the best of the best ever and most-trusted machines sold millions of times.

I am here to introduce a quality-based and best ever macbook with you. After this, you will find the best way to grab the best macbook for writers in the 2019 year without any issue or hesitation.

But before get started I want to tell you that if you are a real writer and want to get the best laptop for writers in 2021, then read the full guide here without any point missing so that you can easily get the best guide about how to buy the best of the best ever macbook for writing purposes or some other basic to advance level work as well.

So let’s get started with the basic information about our today’s machine and then we will go with the advance and I will show you the best of the best ever features that we have in our macbook Air.

Apple MacBook Air – Best Macbook for Writers

Presenting you the “The Giant Machine” of 2019 for the writers. This laptop is designed for the writers who want to have a laptop that can be easily used for the quality writing stuff.


PRO Features:

  • 13 Inch Retina Display
  • 8 GB Fastest Memory
  • 256 GB SSD Hard-Drive
  • Stereo Sound-Design


After much research, I am here and able to guide you and can tell you all those parts of this best MacBook for writers that can help you to grow your daily life circle of any business if you are in a business relationship.

So, here are some of the most common and important features of this best MacBook for a writer which you need to understand and learn more about this laptop machine.

The most demanded Macbook Air of 2019

Color Availability:

This MacBook has a great and best ever color availability than before which is 48% more than ever before. Also, the bright screen is the results that we have a great and best ever colors in the machine which I am reviewing right now.

So, the best command has been given to this laptop to work on the best color effects and stuff like that which will help you to manage the best of the best ever colors that can be the best for all those writers who want to see the best color effects and results in their laptop/MacBook like this MacBook.

Retina Display:

The best display might impress you but the retina technology will change the mindset according to which you are thinking about the best laptop or any other MacBook like this MacBook Air.

13.3 high-resolution retina displays will be so much helpful and it will make the best sense that you are using the best quality MacBook air for your writing work without any hesitation.

Also, it is the quality step that you must have to know about the best Macbook for writers, as you are going to buy such stuff for long-term project/tasks as well.

More color than before:

People of this new generation are too much confused about this feature as this could be a great flaw for you in such a case when you need the best laptop machine for your writing project. But, the MacBook has changed this concept and presented the best MacBook for writers with more powerful colors system.

Such a feature can help you to give the best of its best and will help you to see the world more clearly than ever

Razor-Sharp text clarity:

In the ancient time or in the time before today, there are some laptops which might be a low case in the term of the text clarity and this thing hurts more than anything.

The reason is that, when you have a great text design and text collection within your laptop, it will be the best way that you can easily get the best of the best ever features that a great and powerful MacBook must have.

So, congratulations that you can easily get the top-quality MacBook for your writing stuff with the powerful text clarity than before.

Touch ID Features:

Have you ever experienced with the quality and powerful finger-print lock in the writing laptop? Well! This machine has also a great and powerful feature and that’s called the quality touch feature in the ID.

Means to say that, no-one can access to your laptop till you have a powerful and great touch ID feature that can help the user (just like you) to manage the touch ID by the help your own password that you have put during this whole process execution.

The touch ID fingerprint will be your password to access this laptop machine to start working on it.

Latest tech keyboard:

Every writer needs the quality keyboard as the work is done mostly over the keyboards and it must be of great quality so that a writer can easily work on such type of best MacBook for writers to work on the best collection at anyway.

Some more body features (Best Macbook for Writers)


The battery life must be of great if you have some great work to be done over this. With up to 12+ hours of battery life, you need to be the best features and it can be done with the better quality range of battery to meet the features of today’s time.

Secure shopping with Apple Pay:

Apple pay is one of the advanced tools and most trusted online shopping way to shop from the apple store with multiple discounts in all way. It will help the writers as well to purchase any writing stuff so that they can also get the best services which they want.

Some Security Related Chips:        

Quick Lock:

“You got the fingers to do smart work” is a well-written quote by me in term of the best security tools that you have to use in the smartest work whenever you need

Your finger will be your lock and it will open when you scan your finger over the sensor that has been installed in this best MacBook for writers and for writing stuff as well. Now you can also unlock your MacBook without typing password by the help of your own fingerprints.

Authenticate Password Protection Documents:

Some documents (in term of writing or other) need to secure from the malware and other person’s naked eyes. So, for this, we need the password-protected documents system that can help us in getting the best security towards our documents.

So, you can get these features too in this MacBook and it will help you to manage the best of the best ever and most important documents file to be saved in a better way at all.

Memory (Up to 16GB):

Memory must be awesome and clear without any issue at all. This is why; we need to manage the best memory in our system to save the best files and other work-related documents in the memory that at least able to work on a better fundamental of today’s new generation of the technology.

16GB Random Access Memory (RAM) is enough to do the best task at all and you will find the best of the quality related work without any flaws and issue to do the best job in writing field.

SSD Storage (1.5 TB):

SSD is considered as the most powerful hard-drive that can be the quality system-part to manage the quality work for you. Moreover, this SSD is the fastest way to copy/transfer your data from one place to another place with the low to no cost in losing any data.

1.5TB (1500+ GB) of hard-drive won’t make you sad anywhere. It will help you to manage the quality work within the less time-period and with the good quality in every single way.

Moreover, you can expand it to a great cause just to meet the requirements if you any have. It will help you to get the most-advance feature of the best MacBook for writers in 2019 & onwards such as this machine.

Light Weight (2.75 lb.):

Apple has named this machine “Lighter” as it has a very lightweight. 2.75 lbs! Yes, you hear right. This MacBook for writers is great blessings from the MacBook team who have designed this laptop much better and lighter than ever before.

Forget everything and you will see the quality-stuff in this laptop machine to get the quality work at any time and at anywhere.

So, have you tried the MacBook machine till now? It will help you to get the quality-work which you are doing right now, like great and powerful writing stuff for the quality-business schedule at any time or maybe daily.

Use this laptop as your desktop and you will love to see the results that will be the output from this quality laptop for the writer(s).


The 8th generation is the most-advance and fastest generation in term of the technology and for most, it has been designed for the professional. So, I have a question for you. Are you a professional writer?

If your answer is yes, just make time management and make a shop of this laptop as you will find the advanced features of today’s generation inside this such as 8th generation which is the latest one.

Intel Core i5 processor has been installed in this machine and you will love to see the fastest technology to manage such case that will help you to grab the quality and most powerful features within your laptop for writers or writing as well.

Fast Wi-Fi:

It is a desire of every single person who uses the laptop or a desktop computer that he/she must have a great Wi-Fi that can help him/her to manage the other work via Wi-Fi signals.

This laptop has a great and powerful Wi-Fi that can be so much helpful for those who want to meet the quality-based Wi-Fi in their laptop(s).

So, it will not wrong to say that fast W-Fi can solve the issue and it will be the best collection for all those who want to use the best MacBook for their writing stuff to meet the quality of their every single task.

Powerful Bluetooth:

Bluetooth also plays a very important role in the connectivity and thus, it has become the most important factors of the laptop for writing stuff as we, sometimes; need the best connectivity like Bluetooth to transfer the files from one place to another.

Same like that, with the advance skilled in this laptop, this MacBook has also a great and powerful connectivity feature “Bluetooth” for the best work over the writing term(s).

Slim Body:

This MacBook air has a great and sexy-slim body that will attract you towards it and you will fall in love with this machine by its first look. Breathe tight and love the way as it has become a trend to use the quality and powerful laptop /MacBook for your writing career /


Now, grab your quality-based speakers which are built-in with this laptop and you will love to see the quality of those speakers which have been installed in this laptop to manage your best quality task at any time and at anywhere you want.


Last but not least, “camera” which you can use in your video calling and also for the face-recording during any video task (if any). The HD display of the cameras in this laptop will help you and engage you to one-on-one call or in a group chat which will be the most advanced thing in a camera of today’s types.


Well, here I have done with a great and most powerful MacBook air of 2021. This is why; I called this best MacBook for writers “The Giant Machine” because of its quality features and technology.

I hope that you have found some most important factors that will help you in this regard to grab the best MacBook for writers and for the writing work as well.

Look, the world is so fast and you should be as well. So, have a look at this machine and decide you want this one or not.

But in my point of view, if you want to buy a great and powerful MacBook air for yourself or any member related to you, I would like to give you a recommendation that you need to use this laptop as your best laptop for writers to value yourself and your business as well.





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