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Tips To Follow Healthy Food Regime During The Winter Season

Life moves in cycles, the sun takes hours twenty-four, rain clouds periodically open their doors, the moon goes through phases never fills up soon and tides time to time touch the shores. Cycles and seasons heal you with a reason, embrace them, be aware, know mother nature will always care. Let summer, winter, spring and autumn be optimized. Heal with every season to Get Mickeymized!

Feel happy, content and energised on a day-to-day basis, take a look at your overall health in which you are organically healthy, mentally in equilibrium and spiritually evolved. The idea is to understand and practise what works best for you to transform you into an embodiment of radiance and vibrancy whereby your entire personality benefits. For the winter season add a few cold-weather foods to your food regime to manage your equilibrium, metabolism and energy levels. Dr Mickey Mehta – Global leading holistic health guru / corporate life coach says, ‘Many an immunity gets compromised in winters. We need to regulate ourselves better during such a time. Conscious breathing, having kadhas made out of the kitchen, call them ‘kitchen kadhas’.

Make kadhas at home boil water put black pepper, tulsi and brahmin leaves put lemongrass and mint leaves and little bit of fresh green tea leaves and jaggery. This kadha to be consumed twice a day first thing in the morning and then in the evening of course. Oatmeal provides nutrients that are essential during winter. Oatmeal is high in zinc (important for proper immune function) and soluble fibre associated with a healthy heart.

Soup is winter’s perfect food as long as creams, salts are controlled. Soups with vegetable broth or water as the base and with a lot of vegetables are best foods. Vegetables are top defence against winter sickness. Broccoli and cauliflower are both high in vitamin C, which is associated with enhanced immune function.

The right equilibrium starts with your food intake which reflects on your thoughts, moods, behaviour and attitude. The ideal way to start your day is with warm water, which promotes digestive activity and helps detoxify or cleanse your system. Avoid beginning your day with coffee, tea or milk. Avoid overeating unhealthy foods like bread, cold cereals or sugary juices for breakfast or eating when you’re not hungry. These foods reduce your digestive power and interfere with energy sustenance.

Ayurvedic theory suggests that homemade, warm foods are ideal and easy on the digestion in the morning. They boost your metabolism and keep you energised throughout the day. The right food is sattvic in nature, wholesome, natural and seasonal, like fruits, vegetables, greens, salads, sprouts, whole grains, millets, seeds, herbs, nuts, etc.

Incorporate and absorb cosmic energy and nutrition by way of sunshine in the early hours, fresh air, conscious breathing and listening to the sounds of chirping birds and hydrating yourself adequately to bring out positive emotions of joy and happiness. All these above-mentioned foods are highly regulating and nutritious with healing and cleansing properties. Lastly, I recommend a light and early dinner.

By Dr Mickey Mehta – Global Leading Holistic Health Guru And A Corporate Lifecoach

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